7 Things You Should Never Plug Into a Power Strip

Power strips are a common solution in situations where the number of outlets in a standard wall socket is insufficient to power all our electrical and electronic devices. While these devices can charge smartphones or power an entertainment system, there are some that consume too much energy and should never be plugged into a power strip.

Overloaded power strips pose a fire risk when used with high-power devices such as toasters, space heaters, and air conditioners. Additionally, you should not use an indoor power strip in a humid environment, such as a kitchen or laundry room, due to the risk of damage. Make sure the devices you plug into a power strip do not exceed its maximum power, which can be found on the device label. This rule applies wherever you use a power strip. Most power strips have a rating of 15 amps, which means they can handle 1,800 watts.

Refrigerators A power strip can quickly be overloaded by energy-hungry appliances, often cycling like refrigerators. It is recommended to connect these gadgets to an outlet specifically designed to power them. You risk tripping the circuit if you try to use the same outlet for more than one device.

Microwaves The microwave is a culinary wonder as it cooks, defrosts, and reheats food much faster than a conventional oven. However, a power strip cannot provide enough power for all these fantastic activities. A separate electrical outlet is needed for the microwave, just like for a standard electric oven.

Coffee Makers To turn those roasted coffee beans into a hot beverage, most coffee machines require a significant amount of amperage, which might seem like a lot of energy for something as mundane as your morning cup of coffee. If you don’t want to wake up to a half-full coffee pot, make sure to plug your coffee maker directly into an outlet.


Slow Cookers When you plug your slow cooker into a power strip to free up other appliances from your countertop, you might think you’re a genius, but you’d be mistaken. These kitchen gadgets consume more energy over a longer period than what a standard power strip can provide. Also, make sure the slow cooker is securely connected to a wall outlet to avoid any potential hazards, as its main advantage is its ability to cook food slowly and without human intervention.

Hair Care Appliances The electricity needed to operate your flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers is significant. For safety reasons, never plug a heat-producing hair styling appliance directly into an electrical outlet. If possible, use a GFCI outlet to eliminate the risk of water damage, which is a common issue in bathrooms. This will prevent the circuit breaker from tripping.

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