A father of three living in a tent donates his last two dollars to a stranger at a gas station

This single father of three had been living in a muddy tent on the street for four months. One day, he witnessed a terrible scene at a gas station: a man didn’t have enough money to pay, but instead of helping him, people just ridiculed him.

This homeless father paid for the man with the last dollars he had in his pocket. The next morning, two jeeps were near his tent. When he asked if everything was all right, the man told him that his wife was in labor and they had rushed to the hospital but had run out of gas. In their haste, they had forgotten to take their wallet and needed change to fill the tank with a gallon of gas to get to the hospital.

Sean did as he was told. When he got there, he realized it was Matthew who had invited him. Matthew seemed to work for a very successful company. Sean accepted the offer. It didn’t take him long to rent an apartment for himself and his children and help some of the people he spent his days with at the store. Some of them were even offered jobs with the new company.


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