At first the audience mocked her, but once she started playing. The story of an old lady with musical talent

Meet Natalie Traling, a remarkable woman from Melbourne, Australia who has overcome many challenges in life. Born to Croatian immigrants in the 1940s, Natalie faced many adversities but eventually found solace in her passion for music. Moving to Melbourne in 1993, she worked in a motel until it closed, leaving her homeless for nine years. Despite the difficulties, Natalie’s talent for playing the piano was evident during her visits to the local music store.

At first she was underestimated due to her age and appearance, but Natalie amazed everyone with her skillful playing, earning admiration from everyone who heard her. Today Natalie works in a prestigious hotel, where she continues to share her musical talents with others.

Despite battling arthritis, Natalie’s fingers glide across the keys with ease, demonstrating her true talent and passion for music. Watch the video to witness the enchanting performance of this extraordinary elderly woman.

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