Attention: If you see square waves forming in the ocean, get out of the water immediately

Nature is truly amazing. Its capacity for change is so remarkable that it always leaves us in awe.Crossed seas or wave patterns that create square formations are truly captivating natural phenomena.

When two sets of wave systems mix at angles greater than 45 degrees, or when wind and swell push the waves in different directions, these grids are formed. Despite their visual appeal, these grids pose a significant threat to bathers and boats. The breathtaking view conceals dangerous currents that can destroy boats and endanger bathers.

Water with these unique patterns is extremely difficult to navigate, making it a hazard to boaters. Scientists attribute many boating accidents and shipwrecks to cross seas.

In 2010, the European Space Agency stated that these conditions frequently occur in the ocean when a wind sea and a swell, or two swell systems, exist together.

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