Brad Pitt Finds New Love After Heartbreaking Divorce At 60, And You Might Recognize Her

Brad Pitt was arguably the most eligible bachelor on the planet at one point in time. But not any longer.

His relationship with Ines de Ramon has long been known to fans; the two are rumored to have arranged a low-key week to commemorate his milestone 60th birthday.

After ringing in his sixth decade on Monday, Pitt wasn’t inclined to go crazy with the festivities, according to PEOPLE. The fact that he desired to spend time with De Ramon speaks volumes about his dedication to her.

Actor Paul Wesley’s ex-wife De Ramon is reportedly described as “Brad’s first proper relationship since the divorce” from Angelina Jolie by a source who talked with PEOPLE last month.

In fact, it’s reported that the Troy actor began referring to the thirty-two-year-old as his girlfriend.

According to a PEOPLE insider, “He introduces [Ines] as his girlfriend.””Seeing him in a happy place is wonderful. Ines brings him much joy.

Pitt’s journey back to happiness hasn’t been easy; his turbulent divorce from Angelina Jolie left scars that don’t seem to be completely healed.

“You show no regard or compassion for your four youngest children, who shudder in terror when they are around you.

“Because you are incapable of understanding the harm you have caused to my family, you will never be able to comprehend it.

“You have turned those closest to me into a never-ending hell,” the teenager went on.”You can tell the world and yourself anything you want, but eventually the truth will surface.”

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