Figure Skating Meets Heavy Metal In Breathtaking Olympic Performance

Heavy metal has never looked so classy! Watch Oona and Gage Brown, two ice dancers from Team USA, show off their amazing skills.

The great camera work really shows how talented these two are. The video below was shot in New York at the ice rink in Bryant Park’s Winter Village in 2020. Oona and Gage Brown won the 2019 U.S. pewter award.

The siblings on the Olympic dance team are from a big family with seven kids. From 2018 to 2019, they raced as part of Team USA and came in ninth and eighth at their Junior Grand Prix races.

Their older sister started taking lessons in 2009, which is when they both started. Gage started almost a year after his bigger sister did, when he was only 7. He was motivated by her. At age 5, Oona began skating. For the first year, she “clawed her way around the rink refusing any help or to get off.”

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