I’m a curvy woman who dared to wear a bikini at the beach for the first time and this is how I was treated

In view of society’s dictates regarding thinness and ideal weight, curvy people are regularly singled out. Although there are indeed health problems linked to overweight and obesity, unfounded negative behaviors are legion. This phenomenon illustrates fatphobia, a hostility towards round people based on the idea that these people are fat because of themselves. On a daily basis, it is also more difficult for them to get dressed, take public transport, have the right to life insurance and even worse, that their last wishes be respected. Viviane Gacquière, president of the Allegro Fortissimo association, for support and help for people of large build, testified to a feeling of “anti-fat climate” in France and the impression that the fight against obesity had transformed into a fight against the obese.

Unfortunately, fatphobia is still relevant and affects everyone given the democratization of social networks. There are always many victims of fatphobia, ranging from celebrities (Laurent Ournac, Amel Bent, Vaimalama Chaves, Camille Cerf, etc.) to ordinary people. Moreover, Marie Southard Ospina, a young woman, recounts her experience as a curvy woman in an article for Bustle. As the sunny days approach and trips to the beach, many women go on a diet. Conversely, Marie Southard Ospina decided instead to take inspiration from the trend according to which every body is a body for the beach and that everyone should feel good enough about themselves to put on a swimsuit.

So, while on vacation in Spain, she decided to put on a two-piece swimsuit for the first time showing off her curves, cellulite, stretch marks and scars. Accompanied by her partner, she walked along a beach crowded with tourists and noticed several kinds of reactions. Some were positive, people were neutral, didn’t stare at her or gave her big smiles, while others were more negative. She recounts one of the most striking negative behaviors for her, that of a couple of young people who made fun of her.

The young man saw her pass and stifled a laugh before forcing his girlfriend to look at her as well. They then openly despised her. Fortunately, her experience was not all negative because she noticed that many curvy women were wearing the same kind of swimsuits and humorously states that all this time, she must have been going to the wrong beaches!

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