Look closer, the photographer was not expecting this photo

The majority of couples consider their wedding day to be the happiest day of their lives.

Indeed, a wedding is a celebration of two people’s unwavering love and commitment to one another for the rest of their lives. Today is the first of many chapters to come, full with learning opportunities, mutual support, and experiences in common.

The happy occasion offers the family a chance to get together as a unit. Weddings are full of special moments, from the vows to the first dance, that make emotive, long-lasting memories that the couple and their loved ones will treasure for years to come.

Couples want their wedding to be picture-perfect, so they carefully consider every little detail while planning their big day. Weddings are a representation of the particular love story of the couple, from the décor and theme to the choice of venue.
T. Leish

But some couples do strange things to try to give their visitors a special experience. We’ll never know if they regret it when they look back on their wedding pictures years later, but we do know that some weddings are so awful that we wonder about the bride and groom’s sanity, while some are so much fun that they make us smile.

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