Man Digging In His Backyard Makes The Last Discovery He Ever Expected To Find

John Sims relocated to Tucson, Arizona in an attempt to lead a more sedate existence. It never occurred to him that it would turn into one of his life’s most memorable experiences. It all began when he was informed about a concerning rumor by the previous owner of his new house.

There was a rumor that there was something buried on the land. John began excavating in the backyard because he could not get the thought out of his head. He shuddered at what he found. Without a doubt, he did not sign up for this.

The home with the enigmatic backyard

John Sims was keen to acquire a house in midtown Tucson, Arizona, after learning about a friend’s sale. He knew he would be in good hands because the owner was one of his friends. However, after completing the paperwork, his acquaintance informed him of a property rumor.

The town’s elders say they think something intriguing was hidden away someplace in it. John might be able to unravel the puzzle, but his companion never was. In the end, John would find something that would make people throughout the state of Arizona very excited.

His curiosity overcame him.
John found himself recalling what his friend had said as he began to arrange his stuff in his new home. He was interested as much as curious. He soon became committed to discovering the mysteries around his new home.

John dug and proceeded to explore his property. After excavating the backyard in four separate locations, John was unable to find anything. Whatever it is, it must be beneath the bricks if he was unable to discover it beneath the grass.

X indicates the location

When John obtained access to local records, he discovered the documentation of his home’s construction. It revealed that an odd building named Whitaker Pools had been constructed in 1961. With confirmation now in hand that something was indeed buried on the land, John was even more driven to unravel the mystery.

He employed metal detector-wielding advisors to assist him in pinpointing the location. After arriving with the necessary equipment, a team searched John’s backyard. The metal detectors soon started to sound. John put a large X in the chalk at the locations of the two metal detector triggers.

striking a chord

To locate the answers, there was much work ahead of us. In order to have adequate lighting within the shaft and to use power equipment when necessary, an electrical line had to be built. Additionally, a black pipe was put in to convey fresh air into the shaft.

figuring out how to get in

Their construction surrounding the structure was finally completed. Another obstacle was the spiral staircase, though. It was impossible to tell if the steps could support any weight because they were so rusted. Without going up the steps, they had to find another way inside.

John had to gently down the ladder that the team was using, being cautious not to cut himself on the rusty stairs. John was giddy with anticipation. He was going to be the one to crack the code first. The time he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

There was unfinished business.

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