Peter Kay’s routine with misheard lyrics will make you laugh until the very end.

Dive into one of the most hilarious moments from Peter Kay’s iconic “Tour That Didn’t Tour” in 2010-2011 with his famous “Misheard Lyrics” sketch. This sketch, acclaimed by fans as one of the funniest ever, plays on the common and often humorous mishaps of misinterpreting song lyrics.

The premise of the sketch revolves around how easily we can mishear lyrics in popular songs, believing our mistaken versions are correct until we’re confronted with the real words—often during a public karaoke performance. This revelation leads to the comical realization: “I can’t believe I’ve been singing it wrong all this time!”

Highlights from the routine include misinterpretations such as mishearing Take That’s lyric as “wash your back” in “Back for Good,” Sister Sledge’s “staple the vicar” instead of “we are family,” and a whimsical twist on Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” with “your burgers are the best.”

Watch the video below to experience Peter Kay’s comedic brilliance in turning lyrical misunderstandings into laughter. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and share this with your friends and family!

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