Sad news: The plans for King Charles’s funeral are being updated in light of his cancer treatment

“It’s not good.” Few details have been revealed about King Charles’s condition as he battles cancer, and Palace updates are scarce. Earlier this year, it was announced that the monarch had been diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer following a routine procedure for an enlarged prostate in January. Since then, Charles has been dividing his time between London, where he is receiving treatment, and the royal estate of Sandringham, his chosen place to rest and recuperate. How well the king is coping amid his health battle is an open question. Although the Palace has been frank and transparent about his diagnosis, it has not disclosed the specific type of cancer he has or what stage it is in. Concerningly, a report from the Daily Beast this week – relayed by TMZ – claimed that His Royal Highness is in poor health. They assert that although Charles has appeared to be in good healt

On the few outings where he has been seen since January, things aren’t going as well behind the scenes. In fact, the Daily Beast even claims that the king’s aides are regularly updating his funeral plans. Apparently, there is also a codename for these plans, “Operation Menai Bridge.” TMZ cites a source close to the Palace as saying, “Of course, he is determined to beat it and they are doing everything they can. Everyone remains optimistic, but he is really very sick. More so than they let on.” It’s natural to consider funeral arrangements given Charles’s age and current health issues, as well as the fact that bidding farewell to a monarch is a majestic event that nonetheless requires extensive planning.

However, the idea that Charles’s treatment isn’t going exactly as planned is a sobering reflection. Earlier this month, other reports suggested that Charles planned to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the UK later this year in the hope of spending more time with his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Given the tumultuous circumstances that have marked the king’s relationship with Prince Harry in recent years, and everything Harry and Meghan have said since their move to the United States, it won’t surprise many that Charles hasn’t seen Archie and Lilibet as much as he would have liked. “Charles might be desperate to see the children and offer this olive branch to Meghan and Harry,” said a source close to the Palace to Page Six. “He might decide that life is too short. Balmoral is really the perfect, quiet place for a meeting. If he sends an invitation, Harry and Meghan should surely accept it.”

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