Something Strange: Rare Photos of Diana, Princess of Wales

The whole world fell in love with Princess Diana, the most beloved woman of her time.
We invite you to delve into her memories by examining some unusual and intriguing images that offer a deeper insight into her extraordinary life.

They are the kind of moments that will make you smile and feel good.
Diana is shown here on vacation skiing in Austria with her sons, Harry and William. This photo was taken shortly after Harry’s ninth birthday. It is adorable and the whole family looks beautiful.
In 1990, Diana and her sons visited Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands with her sister’s children. The island belonged to Richard Branson of Virgin.

Diana was known to many as “the people’s princess”. She was involved in many humanitarian causes, setting a good example of how a kind and beloved person should act.

Princess Diana is shown here visiting an orthopedic workshop in Luanda (Angola) and sitting with landmine victims.
We could go on and on about Diana’s wonderful photographs. This one was taken in 1971, when she was on vacation in Itchenor, West Sussex.

Harry is shown sticking his tongue out at the crowd gathered around Buckingham Palace. Diana looks surprised.

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