The dream of a 10-year-old cowboy child is shattered when his hero pays him a surprise visit

As part of a school project in Las Vegas, two young people shared their dream of becoming professional bull riders. FOX5 got wind of this and sent the FOX5 Surprise Squad team to the kids’ house to help make their dreams come true. Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet aspired to become skilled bull riders when they were kids. Even without any sports practice, they could feel the adrenaline rush. These kids love riding bulls because their father was a talented bull rider.

Young Jayce wrote a message in a book declaring that he wanted to be a bull rider like his late father. The child proudly and joyfully wore his father’s Texan-style hat. PBR partnered with Fox Five News to surprise two young PBR fans. The FOX5 Surprise Squad discovered Jesse and Jet and decided they needed to do something special and wonderful for these young people. So they arrived unexpectedly at their house for a pleasant and surprising interview.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad and the PBR group delivered three famous bulls to their driveway. The kids were completely surprised. When they noticed someone had escaped from the truck, they woke up the bulls. As the man approached, the youngsters immediately recognized him as J. B. Mountain, the famous bull rider. The kids explained to Moon why they loved the sport and held him in such high regard as they did their father.

Moon also offered the youngsters tickets to the PBR as a gift, indicating their significance. They were to attend a show that night and watch Jamie being taken to a great field. It was safe to say it was a fantastic and happy day for the two youngsters. The children’s grandparents were exceptionally strong and imaginative. According to their grandmother: “Of course, I recognize that God takes a unique approach in dealing with children. Their father watches over them and is delighted with their success.”

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