Victoria Beckham Has at Last Given a Reason for Why She Removed the Tattoo Honoring Her Husband, David

Victoria and David Beckham are among the world’s most enduring and well-known couples.
There are persistent rumors on the Internet regarding the couple’s impending divorce. Some Internet users even assert that they haven’t lived together for a long time.

Similarly, Victoria had grown weary of her husband’s ongoing side trips at one point, but she chose to maintain the appearance of a happy marriage.

For instance, Beckham supporters observed last month that she had covered up a tattoo of her spouse on her wrist.

Of course, this sounded almost like a confession that the marriage was about to end. But Victoria revealed the actual reason behind her choice in a recent episode of the Today show

The designer emphasized that she has been progressively getting rid of tattoos from her adolescence over the last few years.

The moment has arrived to get the spouse-themed tattoo. And it’s not because you care about him. Simply put, Victoria didn’t like the tattoo.

Simply put, they lack elegance. In response to the rumors about the upcoming divorce, Beckham stated that this was the sole factor that guided his choice.

Victoria also made it clear that she loved the tattoos her husband and her kids had on their bodies. She thinks these tattoos are far more attractive than the ones she had.

“Media rumors about whether I divorced my spouse started to circulate. But I’m simply tired of having tattoos. “Nothing more,” said Beckham.

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