Why do you leave dry leaves in the mailbox? Protecting mailmen from wasp nests

Summer is here, bringing sunshine, warmth and increased insect activity. Living on a small farm, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of bees, mosquitoes and flies. But it’s not just us who are affected by these pesky critters: even our dedicated mail carriers have to deal with them.

According to a Reddit post from a mail carrier, wasps, especially yellow jackets, have a habit of making nests inside mailboxes. Despite warm temperatures during the day, nights can be chilly.
The letter carrier explains that unsuspecting mail carriers often find several wasps huddled in the back of mailboxes.

As summer drags on and insect activity remains high, it is important that we think of innovative ways to protect our mail carriers.
Believe it or not, a simple dryer sheet can help scare wasps away from mailboxes. The smell of the sheet acts as a deterrent to the insects, keeping them away from the mailbox and preventing them from building nests.

By using dryer sheets in your mailbox, you’re not only protecting your mail from damage, but you’re also creating a more pleasant experience for your mail carrier.

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